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5 Ways to Save on a Hotel Room

My sister and I are about to leave on a road trip from home (MA) to Florida. Sooo excited! But, since driving for 24 hours straight doesn’t sound like fun, at all, we decided to book a hotel to stay on the way down and another for the way back up.

Now, to make this drive worth it we wanted to try and keep the budget under the cost of a plane ticket. So when we decided to get a couple of hotel rooms I went into full on budgeting mode. We wanted to make sure that we weren’t staying in a dirty, sketchy place but we also wanted to keep money in our pockets to spend on food. (FYI: we LOVE food!!)


This post contains affiliate links. However, all opinions and advice are my own. In order to stay truly transparent and honest, I only recommend services that I use, love and believe will benefit others.

Follow these tips to get great pricing on nice hotels:

  • Tip 1 : Choose a travel website and stick with it. Sites like Expedia, Orbitz, etc. usually offer the same hotel for the same price. I always shop around, just in case, but if one doesn’t have the lowest price they will most likely price match for you. The reason I’m telling you to stick with one website is the rewards. I use Expedia and have used this website for years. I don’t book trips too often, maybe once or twice a year, but my points add up! On Expedia you can redeem points for addition discounts and free rooms if you have earned enough. This brings a discounted hotel room even lower!
  • Tip 2: Use your favorite cash back website to direct you to your favorite travel website. My favorite is A cash back website will offer you a percentage of your purchase back to you. You simply go to there website first, click through to your travel site and book as usual.
  • Tip 3: Location, location, location!! If you are going to be parking at the hotel, or the hotel offers a shuttle it’s better to book a hotel that is not right next to the attraction that you are visiting. This is big! A five minute drive is not a big deal if it’s going to save you $50 a night. So check Google Maps before booking to see what is reasonable based on your situation.
  • Tip 4: Keep an eye on pricing. If the price gets lower than the price that you booked at, the travel site will normally price match.
  • Tip 5: The hotel industry may hate me for saying this, but always ask for an upgrade when checking in. If the hotel has unbooked rooms, they may move you up to a bigger room or a higher floor without the additional charge. I mean, they would have been empty anyway. This doesn’t happen everytime, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? And it’s a nice treat to get upgraded every once in a while.

So guys, do these extra few steps before your trip to keep extra money in your pocket. Or, save the money on the room so that you can splurge on a fancy dinner. Do you have any tips that I’m missing out on?! Let me know below!

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