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Eating Out on a Budget


If you have read my other posts, then you already know that I love going out to eat! But, sadly, this is not the most economical choice. I do love to cook at home, and will be posting some of my favorite recipes, but nothing beats going to a nice restaurant and being served delicious food that you didn’t have to spend an hour preparing.

  • The best way to find a deal on a restaurant is Groupon. They have local places and prices that are at least $10 off, if not more. And since their deals are always changing it’s great site to find new places.
  • And, like everything that I buy online, use a cash back website to click through to Groupon. My favorite is Visit that website, then click through to Groupon and shop as you normally would. You will be getting the discounted pricing on groupon for your meal, and getting a percentage of the purchase in cash back. Double dipping saves!!!
  • Another great place to save at local restaurants is They sell restaurant gift cards for a fraction of the price. These deals are usually for the same places time and time again, but if you find a place you love on this site you have scored!!
  • My last tip for eating out for less is choosing the right day! Many restaurants will offer weekday specials. So, make Tuesday or Wednesday your day to eat out rather than Friday or Saturday. I prefer a weekday because it’s not as busy, and typically you don’t have to wait for a table as long as would would on a weekend. A restaurant could offer specials at discounted prices, then you can use your Groupon deal or gift card. In most cases you will be saving almost half off!

Enjoy your night out!! Please let me know if you there are any other ways that you save when you eat out. I love getting new tips from you all!

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