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Planning a Road Trip on a Budget


Hey there! My sister and I are planning our first road trip! We are driving from MA to FL. I’m looking forward to the adventure with her, but nervous about a day and a half in the car.

A road trip can be done two ways… you can wing it and just go where the road takes you, or you can plan each stop and every meal. And you guessed it!! I am planning each stop and every meal. I love planning… I just can’t help myself.

  1. The first thing we did was map out the route so that we could find a good place in the middle to stop and rest. We don’t want to be tired driving and end up somewhere like the Bates Hotel. Yikes! Check out my previous post to learn how I booked these hotels and saved $$ on the rooms. Because, yes, I want to be safe, but we aren’t going to blow our money on one night’s stay! I mean, it’s just a place to sleep and move on.
  2. The next thing that we did was map our rest areas to stretch our feet and grab a snack. Again, being two girls on the road, we don’t want to stop at one of those creepy, side of the highway gas stations because we have to pee so bad and end up kidnapped….anyway, better safe than sorry. So, we looked up large, high traffic rest areas so that we would have a safe place to make a quick pit stop.
  3. My favorite part of planning this trip: the food!!!!! I love trying new restaurants and new food. So, of course, I couldn’t wait to search through Yelp and find some yummy places for my sister and I to try. And my sister is vegan, so we wanted to make sure that we found restaurants that she could enjoy also. But, you know me, I can’t just pick a place without some pricing research. To find a great deal on food I head to Groupon first. Search the area for restaurant deals, then when I find a place with a good deal I type the restaurant into Yelp to make sure that (1) it has good food and good service and (2) it has vegan/ vegetarian options available. Don’t see any good deals on Groupon? Check It’s another one of my favorite places to get good deals on local eats. Check out these steps to saving at restaurants.
  4. The most boring, but necessary part of the planning process is checking gas prices. If it’s dark, or you are in a rush, those large highway rest stops are necessary. But, if it’s mid day and you feel safe in the area, drive a bit off the highway to save on gas. Saving .09 cents a gallon adds up when you are traveling 3,000 miles!
  5. Another trip to save some $$ is to pack snacks! I know, you would think my life revolves around food, and you would mostly be correct!! Also, my sister and I are going to be in a confined space together for almost two days… it will get so ugly if one of us gets hangry. We are going to avoid that by packing some healthy snacks and water in a cooler to keep in the car. This will save money because you can buy these snacks on sale at your local grocery store, rather than paying more at the highway rest area.

Have fun and be safe if you are going to be traveling the open road!!! Leave me a comment about your road trip experience!

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