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Tips to buying at the right time


Timing matters, even when shopping. Whether the purchase is large or small, buying it at the right time can save you big time. I’m not always the most patience person, so it can be tough to have to wait a month before buying. But saving extra $$$ is always worth it.

So here are some helpful tips to buying at the right time:

  1. Always buy out of season if possible. This is an easy one!!! I worked in retail for over ten years, and I know first hand that “seasonal” product arrives in store a couple of months early. So, by the time the weather finally changes, the current product will be marked down. Shoes for example: stores start receiving flip flops in April, and they will be marked down by June. Yes, it’s so exciting that the summer is coming and you can’t wait to get your toes done and sandal ready. But, you really don’t need that stuff yet. Just hold your horses and only buy what you need when you need it.
  2. Do not make a spontaneous purchase. Retail and online stores are designed to make you want to buy now. So, stay strong and know your product.
  3. ¬†Know your local stores mark down schedule. If your favorite place to score great deals is the local Marshall’s, find out their markdown schedule and buy that day or the day after (sometimes it might take them half the day to get through pricing ). This not only saves you money, but you get first dibs on marked down stuff!!
  4. Don’t go shopping when you’re emotional. It’s the same as going to the grocery store when you’re hungry. You’re going to come home with things that you don’t need! Also, don’t hit up the Ruby Tuesday’s bar at the mall then go shopping, or log into your amazon account at midnight after you have polished off a bottle of wine. It’s fun at the time, but you will most likely regret your purchases.
  5. Making a large purchase like a new car? Do your market research! Different models get released for the new year at different times. If you want a new SUV, wait for the new model year to be released and the “old” model year will be discounted big time. For example, if the new 2018 model hits the dealership in May, the 2017 model will carry big discounts starting in May until they are gone. The 17 is still new but they need to go to make room for the 18 models, so its the best time to get the best deal. Bonus car buying tip: buy at the end of the month!!

Buying is all about the timing! So, get you want by buying it at the right time.


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