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10 Budget Wedding Ideas


My wedding day was perfect!! My advice to all future brides is to not sweat the small stuff. Better yet, leave out the small stuff all together!

The fewer small details that there are to worry about, the less likely it is that something will go wrong. And you can save big by skipping over, or down playing some things that no one will miss.

Here is my advice to you:

  • Skip the wedding favors. This is one of the easiest ways to save money. The last wedding that you went to probably had a little candle or something at your seat for you to take home. But… you probably forgot about it quickly after sitting, and most likely left it at the venue. Your guests will not miss the wedding favor. Skip it and save a couple hundred dollars.
  • Asking for cash gifts is OK! Most couples now live together before tying the knot, so they don’t need toasters and gravy boats. So don’t be ashamed to ask that your guests give cash instead of more stuff that you don’t need. My husband and I found a great website,, for just this purpose. They gave you a URL to include with your invitation, and your guests can go to that website to gift you money for your wedding. And even people that aren’t computer literate will get the hint that you would prefer a check to another crockpot.
  • Shop around for dresses. I found mine online, yes, my family thought I was crazy and there are plenty of horror stories about online purchases gone wrong, but you just need to do your home work! I went to a local bridal shop, tried on some dresses to find the best fit, then started my search online. I found an Easy store called LaceMarry and took a chance because of their great reviews and high number of customers. I got my wedding dress for under $500 and it was gorgeous!!! You only wear the dress once, and I can’t justify spending thousands on something like that.
  • Find out if your venue of choice offers any weddings packages. The hotel that we had both our ceremony and reception offered a package that included, not only the venue and food, but the cake and flowers too! Take advantage of the relationship that these venues have with local bakeries and florists. Getting a package that included all of this saved us over $500 compared to buying them separately.

These tips will save you hundreds, maybe even thousands on your big day. Weddings can be super expensive, so don’t keep adding to that bill with unneccesary purchases.

The few things that I would not recommend cutting corners on is your photographer and DJ. Those photos will serve as your lasting memories for decades to come, so don’t hire a novice photographer. And the DJ sets the tone for the whole event. You can have the best flowers, food, and dress, but if the DJ is lame your guests will walk away unimpressed.

And lastly, have fun!!!!! Do not stress about little details, you won’t remember if your husband’s tie was the same exact shade of blue as the bridesmaids dresses. You won’t remember if there is a small smudge in the cake before the cutting. These little things will do nothing but distract you from enjoying your day. I had a blast on my wedding day and wouldn’t change a thing about it!

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