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How To Get High End Shoes For Less

How To Get High End Shoes For LessEvery fashionista can appreciate a beautiful pair of designer heels! But, not every one can afford the hefty price tag. After years of working in retail I learned a few ways to save and I refuse to pay full price. Don’t break the bank to look like a million bucks, just follow these tips.

  • Always buy out of season

When a new style is released it is at full price. If you wait at least a month or two it will get marked down, or for high end stores, it will get shipped to their outlets. And buying “out of season” may just mean waiting until mid July to buy the new style of sandal that was released in April.

  • Buy at the outlet

Outlet shopping can be such a fun adventure, you never know what you’re going to find! But you know it’s going to be on sale!! Sticking to the outlet for high end fashion will guarantee that you get a deal. It can be hit or miss, but that’s the fun of it.

  • Sell your old stuff to buy new stuff

There are so a few websites, like, where you can sell your high end fashion and buy items from other people. Make some money off of those heels that pinch your toes, you know that you are never going to wear them. This gives you extra $$ to buy a new pair that you will actually get some use out of.

  • Check Ebay

This may not be the most successful route for high end fashion, but it’s worth a shot. Check it out every once in a while, or have Ebay notify you if an item that you are looking for is listed.

  • Clothing swap

Get together with the girls, drink some wine, purge your closet, and get some new goodies. What could be better?! There are even some Facebook groups that organize these types of swaps. So take advantage!

  • Borrow

There are so many websites now that offer high end fashion to borrow for a fee or subscription. This may cost more over the long run, but if you are a girl that likes to be seen in the newest heels and not wear anything twice, it’s definitely for you. This will save you big compared to buying each item, even if you resell them after.


So depending on how you prefer to stock your closet, there is a tip for you. Make sure you aren’t buying those shoes full price so that you can afford to hit the town and show them off!!



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