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6 Ways To Stretch Your Grocery Budget

6 Ways ToWe all love to eat well, but sometimes can’t afford to buy the things that we love. Here are some tips on making the most of your grocery budget.

  • Meal Plan and Stick To It!

Planning your meals for the week or month is a great way to budget ahead of time and get the most for your dollar. You can plan to utilize foods that are on sale this week, you can save by sticking to your listed ingredients, and you will be less likely to eat out if you have every meal planned.

  • Use Savings Apps and Coupons

Using grocery shopping apps can save you big! There are apps that will give you cash back on items, and you can take advantage of this savings along with in store coupons. So double dip and save big. And using your local grocery store app along with this will help you to plan your meals based on what is currently on sale.

  • Use Inexpensive Ingredients to Stretch a Meal

Using ingredients that are consistently inexpensive in all of your meals helps to make a larger meal for less. Add in ingredients like potatoes, rice, beans, and pasta. These can be added to a lot of meals to get more for your money. Buying them in bulk or when they are on sale will save you even more!

  • Make More at Home

Making things homemade that you would normally buy at the store will save you big every week. Buying bulk flour to make your own bread is a great example. Another is  salad dressing. These things are simple and easy to make at home and will save you big on your grocery bill.

  • Shop Multiple Stores

I go to three separate stores on grocery shopping day. I stop at my local butcher so that I pay less for fresh meat. I go to Aldi for the majority of groceries. Then I go to my local chain grocery store for anything that I can’t find at Aldi or things that I can get for next to nothing with coupons and cash back apps. Find the best deals in your area and utilize them. It may take a little extra time, but it will save big.

  • Grow Produce at Home

Whether it’s only a couple of herb plants on your counter, or it’s a full garden in your backyard, it’s going to save you money. Garden to save money off your grocery bill. I grew a few plants this year, and the best example of saving is tomatoes. They can be so expensive at the grocery store!! And even one plant at home can produce plenty of tomatoes. So you have fresh produce, then you can freeze or jar them, make sauces, or soups. It’s so versatile and will save you so much.

Try a few or all of these tips to make the most of your grocery budget. And please let me know if you have any other tips for saving!!

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