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5 Ways To Save Money When Moving

Today I was thinking about how many times my husband and I have moved. Through our decade together we have lived in six different apartments before we finally moved into our home. That’s a lot of moving!

So, needless to say, I have picked up a few tricks along the way. Here are some tips that will save you from over spending on moving.

5 Ways to Save Money While Moving

  1. Start saving all of the packaging from your Amazon deliveries right when you decide to move. This includes the boxes and the air packets or bubble wrap. These free supplies will come in handy when packing.
  2. Go to the local mall, grocery store, or any retail stores to ask for boxes. I worked retail for years and I can not tell you how many boxes went into the compacter each week. The stores will be happy to unload their trash on you. It saves them a trip to the compacter, so don’t be afraid to ask. Extra tip: shoe stores tend to have the best sized boxes for moving.
  3. Tell all of your friends and family ahead of time. The more people that you have helping, the quicker, easier, and cheaper it’s going to be. Hiring a moving company can be expense. Buying some pizza and beer for your friends is a bargain compared to that!
  4. Shop around and get multiple quotes from moving companies. Whether you only need a truck, or if you need to hire a full crew, comparing prices will save you big! And some may be competitive enough to offer you a discount to earn your business.
  5. Sell or donate things that you don’t want to take with you. This is a great time to purge! Selling stuff will make you money. Donating will go towards a tax right off. And having less stuff to move over all will save you money on supplies and man power.

Overall, moving is never fun. But start planning right when you decide to move to save yourself some money and stress.

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