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Making Money: How to turn a Profit at a Thrift Store

I just went to the thrift shore this morning so I was inspired to share my story with you guys. It’s a holiday so a lot of merchandise was 50%. That’s 50% off thrift store prices!! I made a profit at a thrift store, about $100 from my one hour shopping trip this morning. This is how I did it.



My husband and I have been selling items on Ebay for a few years now. We have learned what will sell, and what won’t. One thing that sells pretty well is clothing. We have listed both new and pre-owned clothing, and have been successful at both.

This is great for both selling your old clothes or for turning low priced items for a profit. Both help out when you need some extra cash. In this case, I saw the ad for 50% clothing at Savers and couldn’t resist.Β I bought 12 items of clothing, and bowl for my cat (I couldn’t resist). All for $22.

I had researched the clothing items that I was going to buy and I knew that the pieces would sell for $10-$12 each. Once the items are sold, this is a profit of about $100 give or take (excluding the price of the cat bowl 😸). So, one hour of shopping and I made $100. Here are some steps to follow when you thrift shop for a profit:

  • Know your product. I went into the store looking for a specific type of clothing. I knew what I wanted to pay and what the item would sell for. You research the selling price of specific Β items by going to Ebay, and searching for the item. Then, you can filter results to see all of those items that have already sold. This shows you exactly what people have paid and are willing to pay.
  • Check quality! While you’re in the store make sure that you look the item up and down to check the quality. Super worn looking, dirty, or damaged items are far less likely to sell. One small mark or two is fine, just make sure to disclose this in your listing.
  • Don’t buy anything that will only make you only $1 to $2. This strategy is about making money, and time is money. If you list something, you also have to package and ship that item. Making $1 is not worth it. Look for items that will make a decent profit and will be worth your time.
  • Pay attention to local thrift store sales events. This trip was mostly only worth the time because of the half off sale. These items that I bought were all half off of the tag prices. Take advantage of this limited discount and stock up. πŸ‘‰πŸ½
  • Check out housewares, books, and games too! I researched the clothing, but also checked out the random books that they had on their shelves. I’m not as knowledgable on housewares, so using the Ebay or Amazon apps are key here. I found a few board games that were still in their wrapping, so I checked what they were selling for with the Ebay app. The Amazon app lets you scan the item so it’s super easy, but used item prices are more likely to be found on Ebay. I didn’t end up finding anything other than the clothing this time around, but the housewares department is very hit or miss.
  • Remember that you need to ship these items! While I was shopping I found a boxed poker set with chips, still in it’s original wrapping for about $4. I checked on Ebay and the item was selling for about $10. Pretty good profit, but then I remembered that I would have to ship that heavy item. That means added postage and a trip to the post office. Not worth it to me. I try to stick to lightweight items that I can send out USPS right from my mailbox.

I only sell items online as some extra money here and there, no where near full time income. It’s an easy way to make money, and an easy way to reuse and recycle. If you clean out your closet, or take a trip to your local thrift store please let me know your success stories!




Earning at a thrift shop

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