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Black Friday Shopping Tips: Save Money and Have Fun!

Black Friday Shopping TipsWe all know the best way to burn off all those calories from your Thanksgiving feast is a frantic shopping trip at midnight! Black Friday has become a holiday in and of itself here in the US. And we could all use some Black Friday shopping tips to make things easier.

I worked retail for years and years and there was always a small part of me that would get so excited for the Black Friday shift. But also a part of me that dreaded the work and chaos. It can be a love/ the relationship. It’s so exciting, yet so stressful.

So whether you are an experienced Black Friday shopper, or if this is your first year as part of the chaos, these tips will make your experience much better all around.



  • Plan Ahead!

Shopping on Black Friday without a plan will end badly. Either you end up buying stuff you don’t need because the sale is so tempting. Or you won’t end up with anything because all of the deals will be scooped up early. So write a list, or take photos of the ads that you are interested in. Know what you need to get right away, and what will still be on the shelves in a few hours. Prioritizing will get you the best deals and will lower the stress of the day.

Use my Black Friday Shopping list to keep organized. Click the image to download and print as many copies as you need for free. Like the worksheet? Subscribe and I’ll send you three more for daily budgeting.
Black Friday Shopping Tips


  • Go With Like-Minded People

We all have that one friend that we have gone to the mall with and you quickly find out that your shopping techniques just don’t vibe. Some people like to take their time and kind of just wander around. Other people are on a mission, they know what they need, and they get in and get out.

If you need specific items on Black Friday, there is no room for that slow friend. Taking that friend along will only stress you out. And you will probably end up pretty ticked off at that friend. So, know your shopping buddy and make sure you all have the same plan! Or go alone and maybe meet up with friends after you get what you need.

  • Download Apps And Coupons Now

Do not be THAT person holding up the checkout line at Target because you’re trying to look through your shopping app to find a coupon. No one likes that person. So, again, plan ahead. I use ibotta and they have really expanded from just a grocery app to including a lot of retail stores like Kohl’s, Express, and Gap. And on this app you can add your deals ahead of time or shop right from the app to get cash back deals. So download ibotta ahead of time and add the deals that you want to use before heading out.

  • Know Which Deals Are Limited Time Only

I worked retail for many, many years and have learned that a lot of sales are better the week before Christmas than they are on Black Friday. So here is what you need to know to decipher between the two. Items that are on sale for only a limited time will be advertised as such and are usually high priced items. Stores will offer large discounts on those high priced items for one day or a few hours. They do this to get you into their store. Because once you’re inside you will most likely purchase more than just that one item. These are also the items that are quantity limited, or only offered until sold out.

The items that will be cheaper the week before Christmas are lower priced items. Things like clothes, shoes, and small electronics. Yes these items will be on sale Black Friday, but the stores will be offering bigger discounts closer to the holidays. They do this to ensure that they clear their inventory and aren’t stuck with overstock in January. So, if you can wait you will save big on these items!

  • Be Nice And Considerate To Retail Employees

This really will go a long way, I promise. It might not be a definite way to save money, but it’s a great way to spread holiday joy! And you will enjoy your Black Friday experience so much more. This should be a fun and exciting shopping day, not a retail trip from hell. When I was working retail and a customer gave me attitude I was far less likely to help them or offer special discounts. Black Friday is stressful for both customers and employees, so being friendly to a stressed employee will help out both you and them.

Be the person that smiles or jokes with them to brighten their day. They may just offer you a coupon that’s behind the counter. Or offer to get you something from that back that you’re looking for. Being nasty and rude never pays off, believe me. You won’t get any special offers, any extra help, and you will end up even more cranky and stressed. So, even if you’re overwhelmed or stressed try and make the day of an employee somewhere. It will make their day better and that good karma will definitely help brighten your day.


Use these easy shopping tips and have an amazing Black Friday!!!

Black Friday Shopping Tips




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