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Black Friday: 5 Ways to Save More Money

Black Friday

Black Friday is quickly approaching! The biggest shopping day of the year is the perfect time to save big on your Christmas shopping. And now you can save more on Black Friday with these 5 tips.



  1. Comparison shop before Friday.

    This will save you both time and money. Almost all retail and online stores will advertise their sales at least a week before Black Friday. So do your homework and compare prices. Don’t wait to do this while you’re at the mall. That will be super stressful. And the item that you want may sell out before you are ready to make a purchase.
    Making a shopping list ahead of time will help when it’s time to comparison shop. I created my own shopping list for Black Friday, click here to print a copy. Use the list to make note of this prices at each store.

  2. Download shopping apps.

    Cash back apps are the big thing right now for saving money. So don’t miss out anymore, download a few apps before heading out. Here are my favorites and must haves for when I go shopping:

    1. Ebates: I’m sure you have heard of this site. It’s super easy and automatically checks for cash back opportunities from your online purchases, or receipts that have been emailed to you. It’s free to sign up and you get a $10 “sign on bonus”. I love this site because the cash adds up rather quickly and with little effort.
    2. Ibotta: I have been using this app for a long time now for grocery coupons. They are now expanding and offering cash back from a lot of retail stores. So this is a great app to utilize now for your busy shopping season, then continue to use it all year round at the grocery store.
    3. Amazon App: This app will act as a comparison shopping tool. The app has a feature that can scan a bar code and bring up the Amazon listing and price for the exact item. This is especially helpful if you don’t have time to compare prices before Black Friday, or you come across something that you didn’t expect to buy. You can use this app to quickly scan and compare the sale price to the Amazon price.
      Amazon doesn’t always have the very lowest prices, but it’s definitely the best way to research prices in a pinch. It will save you from the buyers remorse of thinking that you got a great deal and then finding out later that you could have saved another $10 and got free two day shipping. If you don’t have Amazon Prime click here to get a FREE 30 day Prime membership. This is great to use during this time of year!!
  3. Check for printable coupons.

    Most stores now use apps or can scan coupons from your phone. But, some don’t! Once you know what you’re going to be shopping for you can go online to find out the best way to save. Print any coupons that you can find. Even if you can download them. Your phone may die during your shopping trip, then you’re stuck with no coupon. So, have the back up paper coupons, and use those shopping apps to scan your receipt when you get home.

  4. Check gift card sites and Groupon.

    Yeah I know, Groupon seems a bit dated now. But it’s still a great way to save money. Sometimes these sites will offer discounted merchandise, or discounted gift cards. If you know that you’re going to be buying at a particular store you can buy a gift card at a discount to save even more. Or, if you need a gift card for a gift you can save on that!

  5. Use your credit card and pay it off the same day.

    It’s kind of tough for me to suggest actually using a credit card. It’s not my usual advice. But, if you have a credit card with great rewards and you know that you’re going to go on a spending spree, use the credit card. But make sure that you have the finds to pay it off right away! You really need to be disciplined to utilize this savings method. If you know  that you will be tempted to spend even a little over budget by using your credit card, leave it at home. But, if you can stick to that budget no matter what, use the card to earn more cash back or travel rewards.

Stack all of these tips to save BIG this Black Friday. Start with finding the lowest price possible. Utilize coupons and in store promotions. Pay using your credit card to get cash back. Save the receipt and get even more cash back with Ebates.


Check out my post Black Friday Shopping Tips: Save Money and Have Fun! To download a FREE Black Friday shopping list printable.







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