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10 Ways To Save When You’re Broke

Saving shouldn’t stop when you’re broke. It’s actually even more important than ever! Building your savings is a great way to get yourself out of that paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Here are a few extra ways to save, even when you’re broke.


Ways to Save



  1. Pack your lunch for work

    Bringing lunch to work can save you so much every week. It’s also a healthier option than ordering out. Even a fast food meal can cost you $10, keep that money in your pocket and bring some leftovers from dinner the night before.

  2. Create a meal plan

    This makes grocery shopping easier, and it will cut your weekly food cost drastically. Follow an organized meal plan to schedule every meal for each day, and to create your grocery list. Sticking to your plan will ensure that you use up all of the food that you purchased to reduce waste.

  3. Sell on Ebay and put all profits in savings

    Making a little extra money here and there is a great way to create a savings while you’re still living paycheck to paycheck. Create your budget plan as usual but don’t include your Ebay income. Plan to pay your bills and cover your expenses without this money. That way you know that you can get by without spending it and it can go straight to your savings account. Read my post about how I sell on Ebay to make extra money. 

  4. Cancel your gym membership

    Do you pay for a monthly gym membership, but you haven’t gone in six months? Cancel it now. I’m definitely guilty of this. It’s not worth the cost if you don’t go on a regular basis. You can exercise at home for free. There’s so many great YouTube videos, you could do a different exercise every day for free!

  5. Cook everything from scratch

    You can get a lot more food for less by cooking at home from scratch. Convenience foods are always more expensive, because you pay extra for the convenience! Even if you only have time to cook one day, cook for the whole week. Take a few hours and cook all of your meals at once.

  6. Use cash back apps

    This extra money can add up pretty quickly. I use a couple different ones so that I get cash back from grocery purchases and any online purchases that I make. Ibotta is my favorite for grocery purchases. Ebates is my favorite for online purchases. They are both really easy and convenient to use. And free to download.

  7. Save all your spare change

    Even if you use your debit card more frequently than you use cash I’m sure you have change lying around. Collecting it is an easy way to grow your savings. I leave a container next to the hamper so that I can empty pockets and collect the change.

  8. DIY as much as possible

    Pinterest has made this one super easy. Whether you want to decorate a room in your house or start a garden. Doing as much as possible yourself will save you money. Watch YouTube videos, read blogs on Pinterest, research your project online and you can learn to do almost anything!

  9. Keep utilities low

    Keep heat low in the winter and adjust it based on the weather. Especially here in New England, it can be 30 degrees one day and 60 the next. So make sure to turn the heat down when you don’t really need it. Same in the summer, try to keep your AC down or off as much as you can. If you need to buy any new appliances try to find a good deal on energy efficient models. This will save you money in the years to come.

  10. Freeze food before it goes bad

    You may not realize how much food you’re throwing out. It’s a waste of food and a waste of money. So many foods can be easily frozen before they go bad. Bananas, milk, chopped veggies, bread, the list goes on and on. Keep an eye on your food and throw it in the freezer before it goes bad. This will reduce your future grocery budget as well. You can just pull something out of the freezer instead of buying it again.

I hope these tips will help you out! Living paycheck to paycheck is not easy, and is super stressful. Get yourself out of that  horrible cycle by living frugal everyday and saving as much as possible!




6 thoughts on “10 Ways To Save When You’re Broke”

  • Love #1 and #10. I used to always buy a loaf a bread and it would go bad. But freezing bread (among other things) has helped me reduce so much waste and save money (for things like travel!)

  • I’m definitely guilty of the gym membership one, as well as other similar stuff. I paid for a year subscription of a Japanese language learning website because I wanted to continue studying Japanese even after college, but I didn’t have the self discipline to keep up with it. Looking back, I realize that there were probably plenty of other free ways that I could have kept up with my Japanese and saved the subscription fee money.

  • Do you find, when selling on eBay, that most items sell? I’m thinking of doing this with some designer clothes but don’t know if it’s worth the effort.

    • I find that most items do sell, but some items take longer than others. It’s worth the effort if you have to space in your home to store these items until they sell. If you have the space, and you’re just going to get rid of the item anyway, you might as well list it and make some money.

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