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About Me

Hey guys, welcome to LuxeBudget!!

LuxeBudget is a blog all about saving money, budgeting, and creating income with the goal of living life to it’s fullest. Click through a few posts to learn how to afford the things that make you happy by living the frugal life. Whether that be vacations, jewelry, or clothes. There’s a way to organize your budget to fit in the good stuff. After all you work so hard you deserve to spend your money on the things that you really.

So I’m here to share my expertise in saving money in all aspects of life. Thanks for joining me 🙂

My experience comes from over ten years of working in the sales and retail industry. I have worked in a wide variety of industries, from a shoe store to a car dealership. I started this blog to share my inside secrets on how to save big on everything! To get in on these Luxe Budget secrets and to save $$, you can follow me and join my inner circle of spoiled savers.

I love to indulge in new clothes (and shoes.. and handbags..), try new restaurants, and get away for the weekend with my hubby. But, I also like to make sure that I am getting the best deal!

I grew up in western Massachusetts, but have also lived in Orange County New York and the Boston area. But, my husband and I circled back around and have settled down here at home. I LOVE visiting New York city. The atmosphere, the people, the food… I could go on and on. The big city can be expensive, but I won’t let money stop me from experiencing new things. So, I learned how to beat the system so that I could buy what I want, eat where I want, and still have money left in the bank. Because, let’s face it, being an adult means having a savings account and being responsible with your money. But I refuse to give in to adulthood completely, I still like to indulge my selfish side!!

My husband and I have been together for over ten years, and married after our 12 year anniversary. He is the love of my life but he also has the urge to shop, and spend.. he is definitely the big spender in our relationship. But, having me there to say, “Before you buy that let me see if I can find a coupon, or get cash back for it” is one of the many reasons that we are a perfect match.

We bought our first home together after renting for over ten years. We bought a two family and rent out the second apartment for extra income. Yes, even when buying our home we went in the direction that would get us what we wanted (a beautiful home), while keeping money in the bank (receiving rent checks each month is SO much better that writing them).

Welcome to my world of spoiling yourself, and saving at the same time. I am always researching and learning, and am here to pass my results on. I am so happy to share my tips and trips with you, follow me to stay in the loop!

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