Outlet Shopping 101


One of my favorite ways to shop and save it outlet shopping! Here are some pointers for saving as much as possible when you hit the outlets.


  • Join the outlet “shopper’s club” or VIP club. Joining these membership clubs will get you exclusive coupons and notifications as to when the outlets are having their best sales.

25% OFF

  • Print coupons at home before your shopping trip. As good as some of the sales may be at the outlets, having an additional coupon is even better!!


  • Get out early. Outlet sales can be great, but you want the good stuff at a bargain, not the left overs. Get there when the outlets open and hit your favorite stores first. This way you get first dibs without having to fight for the last pair of hot heels in your size.



  • Don’t get carried away with the deals. Yes, those lime green sneakers are 70% off, but you already own five pairs of gym shoes. Don’t buy just because the deal is amazing. This will push your bargain trip into an extravagant spending spree.


  • Make a list ahead of time. This goes along with the tip above. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t go crazy with extras.

Have fun at the outlets guys!! Please leave me a comment with any extra tips that you have, or a great $$ saving story from your latest outlet adventure.


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